We would like to invite everybody, who wishes to publish their work in our journal, to cooperation. According to our editorial policy, only articles which include authors’ apparent contribution in a form of critical analyses or display of their own research effects could be published in EM. Articles which present authors’ own results are preferred.

Articles can be published only of Authors accept the editorial agreement of the University of Lodz Publishing House. Moreover, EM recognizes ethical guidelines of COPE ( Therefore, the Editorial Board finds it inadmissible to use unethical procedures, such as plagiarism (auto-plagiarism included), ghostwriting or guest-authorship. Their detection will result in the article’s rejection.

All articles are subject to critical review in a double-blind system, in which Authors and Reviewers are not aware of each others’ identities. To exclude possible conflict of interest, Reviewers are chosen from other scientific units than Authors. Only articles approved by two Reviewers are admitted to publication in EM. Each review is required include an unequivocal conclusion. Should the first two Reviewers submit divergent conclusions, a third Reviewer will be appointed.

Texts sent in for review and publication should be prepared in either Polish or English and in accordance with technical instructions established by the Editorial Board. In case of co-authorship, unless Co-Authors lodge a joint different statement, an equal contribution of all Co-Authors is assumed.

Editorial instructions